Sunday, May 1, 2011

Summer To-Do List

Shoot me now!

School is almost out....... I love teaching....... Wouldn't ever want any other career, but this time of year is treacherous! I used to teach middle school, and thought high school would be different at the end of the year......not. So this time of year I concentrate (ha, no I don't, I can't make one coherent thought) on my summer list of things to do. Some of it gets done, some not. Now before you start hating, cause teachers have the summer off, would you really want us teaching your kids year around? That would be cruel and unusual punishment for both of us. We aren't talking a co-worker here that drives you nuts, we are talking 130 students, 15-16 year-olds.  I talk big, but I cry on the last day every year. And the more trouble they were, the more they come and hang around to see me the next year!

Anyway! I  always starts out with such enthusiasm. By about hot August, I am shrugging one shoulder and saying "Eh". Here's the list:

1. Stain and/or paint these drawer fronts (a blog entry)

2. Have raised flower bed frame redone. $$

3. Take out carpet in den, put in wood floor $$

4. Paint den (maybe 3/4 blog entry)

5. Drive to Denver a couple of times to see daughter #2

6. Redo this garage sale bench, refinish and re-cover.(blog entry)

7. Paint the inside of the hutch maybe.

8. Major rehaul of a closet, so I have room for more dishes

(this pic could actually go with 8, 9,or 10)

9. Clean out the junk room in the basement

10. Clean garage.

I can about tell already what I just won't have time for   what I won't do.

Numbers 6, 9, and maybe 4.

Come on summer!

I am joining

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Babs said...

Pat, It sounds like you have a fun Summer planned. Looking forward to seeing the drawer fronts in a post and the hutch.. Love your hutch with the green and white. I'm always looking for ways to "stage" mine.. I never can seem to get it just the way I want it... what ever that is. Hopefully,I'll know it when I see it. lol
Have a great Summer,

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Woah Girl, What a list. Love the drawer fronts. Is there a dresser that they go on?
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Pam said...

Great list. My to-do lists keep getting longer and longer and the only way something gets checked off is if I decide that I can live without doing it. I'm excited about #1, looks like it will be a good blog post.