Sunday, May 22, 2011

Iris TIme Part II

The iris are still battling wind and rain alternately. It has been hard to get pics that are not blurry due to this wind.  Here are a few more new blooms from this week.

This little ruffly thing is called Lemon Brocade.

See the "horns" on this one? Horns are kinda unusual. It has some really subtle coloration between beige and lavender. Thornbird has won many medals in the iris world and people tend to love it or hate its look. I like it because it is just interesting, and I have the room for it.

It looks great next to this one, a deep burgundy called Superstition.

This is an oldie. Helen Collingwood from 1949.

This fella is so ruffly and  velvety looking .

This one is an old historical iris, and truly this iridescent.

Here's another handsome boy, Ringo.

I am joining



Happier Than a Pig in Mud said...

They are just beautiful! Good for you to know the names of so many:@)

Shirley said...

Thank you so much for visiting. Your iris are amazing! I used to have some but they got overgrown with ivy in the back garden. Haven't seen your blog before so I'm going to go look around.

Babs said...

Pat, Your iris are gorgeous. Mine are just plain ones but your are spectacular. I really like Ringo , Hellen Collingwood and the first one. Do you feed them anything special? I separated mine last year and they did really well except for the ones that got a bit too much shade. Mine were given to me from a friend and I don't even know if they have names..probably not. Sorry I'm so late getting around to making comments. I don't know where the days go.
Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend,