Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Ghost Town

On a recent trip to New Mexico, my daughter and I found an old ghost town in Ludlow, Colorado.The Ludlow Massacre occurred April 20, 1914 in this little town/coal mining tent camp. Nineteen people, including two women and eleven children were killed. The massacre occurred due to trouble between striking coal miners and the Colorado National Guard. What the strikers were fighting for–among other things, were higher wages and an eight-hour work day.


Here is the same view from October 1913, when the Colorado Governor called out the militia to try to stop the coal miners' strike.
Black and white photos courtesy of the Denver Public Library

Who lived here? What were they like?


Do they have living ancestors that have heard their stories?

A corral between two buildings.

A small house behind the main buildings.  Ludlow had few buildings as it  was mostly a tent camp for the 1200 miners and their families.

The booths inside what was a bar or restaurant.

The back side of the main strip of buildings.

Notice the bars on the windows of the jail, still intact.


Vee said...

Oh my. What a sad, tragic history.

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

What a hard life. It's interesting that you were able to find out some history.