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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Sunflower Farm

About 30 minutes away from me, near the wonderful town of Lawrence, Kansas ( Home of the Jawhawks), is a beautiful sunflower farm. Early Sunday morning we went there to take photos and cut some sunflowers.

You just can't capture the beauty of fields of sunflowers, with all their little faces turned toward the sun. I don't think God was in church either, He was here!

There were several cars pulled over with people taking photos. I saw a cute family taking some portraits in the fields. I came prepared with a step ladder, because these are soooo tall I needed the ladder to look over the field. 

This is my view standing in front of them on the ground. I am 5'3 and these were at least two feet taller than me.

Sunflowers really do follow the sun. Here is the backs of all of them. 

The butterfly on the top center sunflower really blends in. 

These sunflowers are grown for bird seed, not florist stock. 

SO, after taking about 80 photos and chasing butterflies and dragonflies to photograph, we finally settled down to cutting some flowers. 

There is a can to put money in for the sunflowers you cut. One dollar a flower, what a bargain. We had so much fun even in the heat. A big breakfast in town, and we headed home. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing the sunflower farm, and I will be back with photos of sunflower arrangements!

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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Note Card Party

I just discovered Vee's Note Card Party. It has some wonderful, beautifully crafted photos that many talented folks have chose to share at a party. What a great idea! SO, here is my humble contribution.

Final Touch Daylily with bad bug!

Doesn't this look good right now?

Or this? Lookout Mountain, Colorado. 

A perfect END, scratch it, if it itches!

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Queen Anne's Table

Time for a cool, neutral table, with crisp white napkins, white ironstone and Queen Anne's Lace for a bouquet.

A little secret... I actually like starching and ironing napkins and tablecloths. They look so nice all starchy!

Place mats from Kohl's.

Dinner plates are Gibson, salad plates are Pfaltzgraff  Weave. 

I set my table and then went out to pick the Queen Anne's Lace. It grows along the roads and in the fields.

 I live in the suburbs, encroaching on farm land.

Isn't that sky beautiful?

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Great American Frontier Yard Sale

Saturday my cousin and I drove to Fort Leavenworth, about 45 minutes away to attend The Great American Frontier Yard Sale on the fort. There were probably 100 sales. I had visions of having lots of loot to show you that I got at the garage sales. HA! I came up with this and that is all!

At least it was a good brand. 

The sales were mostly families, and they had baby clothes, baby things, and dining room sets. The generals' housing area hardly had any sales. So, we drove around the fort grounds. 
Here's a tiny bit of history and some pics. 

In 1827  Colonel Henry Leavenworth  established the Fort on the banks of the Missouri River to protect the wagon trains headed west along the Santa Fe Trail, and later, the Oregon Trail, and to help maintain peace with the Indians.

The generals' houses sit looking out on the  Missouri. 

In front of this building were cannons that were lined up and pointed toward the river. They are now mounted in cement, but had wheels as shown in this depiction.

The cemetery was amazing, green and tree covered. 

My favorite thing on the fort was the Buffalo Soldier Statue. 

Buffalo soldiers originally were members of the U.S. 10 th Cavalry Regiment of the US Army, formed in 1866 at Fort Leavenworth. 

The nickname was given to the "Negro Cavalry " by the Indian tribes they fought. 
The statue is so detailed!

Well, no big treasures, but I had a good time, and loved the photos!