Saturday, September 22, 2012

State Fair Food

The end of summer always signals the state fair. Warm days and cool nights and lots to see. After a 3 1/2 hour drive to my daughter's house, we walked 3 blocks to the Kansas State Fair. And look at the first thing we saw:                              

                  Free Ice Cream!!!!

I know, surprised  me too!

Free dixie cup sized ice creams. 

My daughter had been going to the fair all week, so she was telling me about all the strange and good food there. So for all you foodie people, I have chronicled the foods available.

 No sweet tea here, this is Yankee country, you have to ASK for sugar. 

I didn't see the red velvet funnel cakes, but they had carrot funnel cakes too. 

My daughter tried the deep fried chocolate chip cookie dough. They were balls about plum sized, with a batter around it, and dusted with powdered sugar. Not appealing to me at all. 

The standard fare.

These looked tempting, but I passed them up.

I really wanted to see what a Krispy Kreme Burger looked like, but I didn't want to ask anyone if I could take a picture of their food. 

How do they do that???

What did I eat? None of that. We found a BBQ place to eat. Yum!

I am joining


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Post Cards From the Museum

For the September Note Card party I chose photos of my pets I have used on my blog, and sent them to the "museum". 

Oscar ( the wienie dog)




You can do these wonderfully funny museum pieces at 

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