Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Farmhouse Table

Yes! I have one, a real one! It was my grandmother and grandfather's first kitchen table.

When they were married in 1914, they lived in the "little house" on the farm with this as their kitchen table. Mom remembers her baby sister in a laundry basket on top of that table, and she and her sister (2 and 4 years) pulling the baby and basket onto the floor! 

Here's the culprits below. The toddler is my mother and the girl on the left is my Aunt Lizzie. It was these two who tipped the baby basket. (In this picture, circa 1923, the tossed sister was not born yet.)

 Later when they moved into the "big house", there were  5 children and needed a much bigger table. It was relegated to the cellar as a laundry table. Mom also remembers it with an oil cloth draped over it and meat being cut up at butcher time.

 I remember this table years later when I was a child. My grandmother had become a widow,  and moved off the farm into a new little house built just for her. She had it in her basement there, too, and used it as a laundry table.

 When we bought our house nearly 30 years ago, I took it for the screened porch. It is just a "stuff' table now. It has so many coats of chippy paint, and whitewash on it. I drag it outside each spring, and give it a good hosing down.

I like running my hand over its smooth surface, as many of my relatives must have done. It feels good.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Lilac Breakfast

I am so excited that the lilacs are finally blooming! Last fall at the Goodwill  I picked up some lilac patterned dishes, and I have waited for real lilacs to do this post.

This makes a nice breakfast set, with small plates, bowls and mugs.

 The juice glasses are  a thrift store find, as is the coffee pot.

My 89 year old mama made the napkins, and hand hemmed them, because she thought it LOOKED better! Can you beat that? She is so helpful. (Thank you, Mama)

The little chick egg cups I picked up at an antique store.

I set it all up on my back porch coffee table.

I had lots of help.

Mr. Lucky was heard to say," I'll  move this plate over here just a little."

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Josephine Rabbit Licensed to Sell Tea and Tobacco

Tucked into the corner of the secretary desk is a tiny vignette of a Beatrix Potter scene. It is only about 4 inches by 3 inches.

I used a wooden candle holder, with a doily on top for height. Let's take a closer look.

Oops! I should have dusted!

I have been practicing with close-up photos, and this was a perfect subject.

Those little bunny faces are only about the size of your pinky fingertip.

The sign behind Josephine Rabbit says "Licensed to Sell Tea and Tobacco"

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Monday, April 4, 2011

Easter Centerpiece

This is my Easter vignette that sits on the table this year. I got the vase at an antique shop recently, however, I don't believe it is an antique. I just like it. No markings on the bottom.


                                  I like lavender and yellow together. 

He looks related to Peter Rabbit, aren't they all cousins???

                I love the detail and glaze on the vase.

          No buts about it, Easter is on the way!

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Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's All in the Numbers.....and Seeds!

I can't wait to spend long, sweet days in my flower gardens this summer. It's almost time. Like most  of you, I work till I can barely walk into the house, then collapse. But I am right back out there every evening, surveying every little improvement.( I call it surveying my kingdom).  Gardening is so good about giving us both immediate and long term rewards. Here's part of my little kingdom:

But until then, a great article in the February/March 2011 issue of Birds and Blooms talked about seeds and some interesting facts about them.

 The Big 3
According to Burpee, the top three ornamental seed varieties are: sunflowers, zinnias, and marigolds.

Packets of heirloom tomato seeds average around $2.75 each at

You can save $40.00 or more if you grow your own zinnias from seed instead of buying plants.

68 degrees
Most seeds won't germinate until the ground temperature hits 68 degrees. This goes for indoor seed starting as well.

5-10- not life
Cucumbers,melons and tomatoes are among the vegetables with the longest seed life, good for 5-10 years.

49 years
The is the average age of home gardeners.......

BUT.... 70% of all home gardeners are women!


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