Sunday, May 22, 2011

Iris TIme Part II

The iris are still battling wind and rain alternately. It has been hard to get pics that are not blurry due to this wind.  Here are a few more new blooms from this week.

This little ruffly thing is called Lemon Brocade.

See the "horns" on this one? Horns are kinda unusual. It has some really subtle coloration between beige and lavender. Thornbird has won many medals in the iris world and people tend to love it or hate its look. I like it because it is just interesting, and I have the room for it.

It looks great next to this one, a deep burgundy called Superstition.

This is an oldie. Helen Collingwood from 1949.

This fella is so ruffly and  velvety looking .

This one is an old historical iris, and truly this iridescent.

Here's another handsome boy, Ringo.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Good Garage Saling!

We are at the height of garage saling here, and it is fun! I went out Saturday to an older area and not only enjoyed the beautiful old tree lined streets and landscaping, but some great things to see and buy. I also need your help on finding more of one thing I bought, so stick around...... please!

Four dinner plates, four salad plates, 3 cups, and an odd little butter pat dish.

 I love the footed black cups.

Ten dollars for all. A cup and saucer is $14.00 on ebay.

Not a mark on them, she said they had never been used.

Here's the little butter pat dish. Isn't it great? But there was only one. And it is not Noritake. Here is the back of it:

It says "Made exclusively for Rosenfeld Imports, NY, Made in Japan."

Here's where I need your ideas. I have looked on Ebay and Replacements, with no luck. Any ideas of how to find more?

Then I found this nice footed bowl for $3.00.

The bowl part is about the size of a serving bowl, so it is a nice size. Sorry I am not putting these in a pretty tabletop vignette, but school is out in 2 weeks and I am just hanging on, and the students aren't doing  much better either!  My decorating therapy will happen this summer.

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Iris TIme

The iris are blooming despite cold nights and windy days. It has been hard to get good photos due to the wind. I started collecting iris over 20 years ago, and have many varities. Although they are short lived blooms and tissue paper tender, I am thrilled with their rewards.  Most of mine are tall bearded iris.

I believe this is my favorite so far this year. Favorites change constantly. It is called Heavenly Body.

This is the view out my back  porch.

They are called Breakers, and they have the best grape kool-aid smell. Each one is the size of my hand.

Here's a closeup of this bloomer.

A very simple white. It is an old iris. The older the iris, the simplier they are and are called "Historical Iris".Here is a website with a section so you can put a name to the old iris you got from your grandma.

The newer iris are taller, bigger, and usually have more ruffles. Here is Laced Cotton for example:

Thank you for looking at one of my hobbies, and I hope you come back for more Iris as they bloom!

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Black, White, and Lime Green Tablescape

For Mother's Day this year, I did the tablescape and my daughter brought over a lovely salad bar  lunch for my mother and myself. 

The goblets are clear glass with black glass stems and bases. 

The placemats are from Pier One as are the little green plates. 

My mother made the pretty napkins, and has been hand hemming all the napkins I give her! She says they look better than on the machine. 

Sitting on the black plates are little black glass salad plates, I picked up at a garage sale.

A simple centerpiece of Michael's little green birds and a birdcage. 

My daughter made homemade potato rolls to go with our salad bar, and they were still warm!

I had my choice of dessert, and I wanted her chocolate chip cookies. She makes them without eggs, so less cholesterol. No one ever knows there are no eggs. They are great! She also makes a light, nice dressing using this:

The recipe is simple:
1/4 cup of Ponzu Lime
2 tsp. vegetable oil
1/2 tsp. sesame oil 

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Monday, May 9, 2011

Pitcher, Pitcher, Teapot

It's like Duck, Duck, Goose, for people who like dishes. I recently did ok at the GW.
Here is Pitcher, Pitcher, Teapot:

Here is what I have done with two of them so far.

The silver pitcher  was $3.99, and in great shape.

 It has a place to be engraved in the center, and cute little feet. I filled it with some blooms from the snowball bush.

This little wire teapot was $2.50. It was kinda grey metal, so I spray painted it black, and it gave me an excuse to buy a maiden hair fern to put in it, but it was too big. So I tried a votive. Any suggestions as what to do with this tea pot? 

This last pitcher says "Teleflora" on the bottom and was $.99. I haven't put anything in it yet, but looked up Teleflora bouquets online so I could see what they did.It had yellow roses, daisies, and Goldenrod. That is a WEED around here.  I think I'd be a little ticked to spend money on a nice bouquet and get goldenrod! This bouquet is too perfect looking for me. Any ideas?

Some days are good at the GW and some not so much. BUT it is only 3 block out of my way on my way home from school. Only takes about 5 minutes to run in and out! 

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