Monday, May 16, 2011

Good Garage Saling!

We are at the height of garage saling here, and it is fun! I went out Saturday to an older area and not only enjoyed the beautiful old tree lined streets and landscaping, but some great things to see and buy. I also need your help on finding more of one thing I bought, so stick around...... please!

Four dinner plates, four salad plates, 3 cups, and an odd little butter pat dish.

 I love the footed black cups.

Ten dollars for all. A cup and saucer is $14.00 on ebay.

Not a mark on them, she said they had never been used.

Here's the little butter pat dish. Isn't it great? But there was only one. And it is not Noritake. Here is the back of it:

It says "Made exclusively for Rosenfeld Imports, NY, Made in Japan."

Here's where I need your ideas. I have looked on Ebay and Replacements, with no luck. Any ideas of how to find more?

Then I found this nice footed bowl for $3.00.

The bowl part is about the size of a serving bowl, so it is a nice size. Sorry I am not putting these in a pretty tabletop vignette, but school is out in 2 weeks and I am just hanging on, and the students aren't doing  much better either!  My decorating therapy will happen this summer.

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Olive Cooper said...

The china is lovely. I have never seen the little piece before and I get around to many different sales but am not an expert.

xinex said...

Great finds, Pat! The dinnerware set is exquisite. The butter pat is so unusual. I hope you find more....Christine


The black Noritake is gorgeous! Yes, you need to look for more to complete a set, it is so beautiful. I love the little thing too and the footed bowl is so pretty. Great finds, you're so lucky! I'm also at Marty's TTT.

Picket said...

Hello friend...beautiful dishes...I wouldn't even begin to know where to find those little butter pats...hope you do find some more...I soooo love your beautiful iris in the other post..I have some of the huge purples and mine are as big as my hand also...I'd love to have more colors....I just think they are so beautiful...thanks so much for coming by...hope you have a great week...Picket

marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Love your new china, it is fabuous and the butter dish is stunning. Wish I could help, but I have no idea other than may replacements. You might look on line with them. The bowl is a fabulous find also. Thanks for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty

Scribbler said...

Gorgeous china. Try Replacements for a match. They are not cheap, but you might find your missing piece.

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Hi Pat! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment so I could find yours. I love your china find! It's a beautiful pattern. Did you try putting the china name in google and seeing what turns up? Maybe you'll find someone who sells it or who can tell you where to buy more. Good luck!

Kim said...

Wow! What a great find. You sure lucked out. I'm at a loss too. The only place I know of is Replacements. I hope you find it though. Keep trying Ebay. I'm sure it will turn up.
Thanks for your visit today. I'm going to follow you from now on!

Tricia said...

Oh, the ivory and ebony dishes are stunning! I can see why you fell for those wonderful black cups! Sorry, I have no suggestions about finding more of the butter pats. As a former teacher, I remember all too well what those last couple of weeks are like! Hang in there! Thanks for commenting on my table this week.

Sandra said...

Love the little clock face butter dish! Enjoy your summer vacation too.