Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Daylily: Everyday a new one

Every morning brings a new surprise as daylily season peaks. Daylilies are literally that. A new blossom each day, and each scape (stem) can put out 8-24 or more buds.  So every morning I head for the yard with my camera to capture the best moments.

                                                             Chicago Apache clump

                                                                     Strutter's Ball

                                                            Calgary Stampede clump

                                                                       No ID seedling


                                                                         Final Touch


                                                          Beautiful Edgings

    Daylilies are easy to grow, try some!                                                           


Audrey said...

"No Id Seedling" -- is that the one we got from Lilywood Farm?

Courtney said...

I love your garden... can you post a picture of the whole thing? Good tomatoes this year?