Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ready to Come out of Hibernation

Winter is NOT my favorite season. Living in Kansas, I looooong to live somewhere like southern California, or Arizona. And every year it happens. I start to hibernate. ((DISCLAIMER HERE:  I have been fortunate in life, nothing to REALLY complain about).  I take lots of Vitamin D, and one year I even went to tanning beds.  Loved it, but I know it's not good for me.  My mood declines, dry spell in antiquing and thriftng, and lately the books I have picked to read have been BORING. I feel like that groundhog back east! And I only did one blog entry. Boo!! February is my hated month. Then in March, I start to come out of it. Mom and I went to a greenhouse to look at all the beautiful blooming flowers, and brought home two cyclamen.

Yesterday I saw the daffodils coming out. If they can, I can.

March will be frustrating........

Cold and windy one day, temptingly warm on another, maybe an ice storm, maybe a tornado warning. But I will be back to fighting, fussing and cussing and trying to rush spring. I will paint my toes and get out all my flip flops on a rare 65 degree day.

 Each step wll  bring me closer to  the spring and summer that I LIVE for.There is always so much yard work to do. I will work myself to the point I can barely creep into the house from the yard in late afternoon......

                    .....take a shower and sit at the computer with a cold drink.

                                        OOPS! I mean....


            "If you build it, they will come"..... yep, I will be ready! THE BEST MOMENTS are coming!

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