Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Best Thanksgiving Guest

I had a great Thanksgiving this year. I spent it with my 89 year old mother. She is wonderful. She is sharp, and kind and fun to talk to. It was just she and I this year, as DD #1 went to Denver to spend time with DD #2, so she would not be alone for the holiday. I am an only child and my dad died many years ago, so it was just me and my mama. Now don't get me wrong, we see each other all the time so it wasn't a big reunion. She lives in a house across the street and down two, and has for 25 years. My little toddlers were caught more than once running across the street in just a diaper to see grandma.

We laugh and talk about what a tough old bird mom is, but she is really very quiet and sweet. She has survived 2 hip replacements, a fractured skull, lung cancer (not a smoker!) and a really bad case of shingles. She has a badly twisted back, osteoporosis, and arthritis. But she has over come each health issue and made herself strong again.

 Mama is a very determined lady. She taught herself to use the computer several years ago and spends several hours a day on it. She has always been politically active and keeps up with current events. She has the most amazing collection of African violets that she continually propagates. She still irons most her clothing (habit I think) and never leaves a dirty dish in the sink. Mama does crossword puzzles, and finally, this year,  has allowed herself to watch a  daily soap opera (never enough time before). She drives to the grocery store and Target, and does very well.  

Thanksgiving 2009

Back to today. She came over in the morning and she read the paper and chatted while I worked on dinner. In the afternoon we chatted some more, read magazines, I showed her some things on the computer, and we ate pie...... again. I took  a nap, SHE DIDN'T !! Then we went for a ride around town to get her car some exercise, and stopped at DD #1's place to feed cats and parrots.

 At home we ate wonderful leftovers, got on the computer together and talked. She went back home in the evening. It was such a relaxed, nice day. We didn't have to do anything or run any errands. I think she enjoyed it too. I am so lucky to have such a good mama.

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