Friday, October 14, 2011

Thrifty Finds in Fall

This week was all thrift store finds! I have a thrift store about 10 minutes from my work, so I treat myself and stop by a couple of times a week. I stood and looked at this piece a long time before I decided to get it. $2.99 is a good price, but did I really like it?

I decided I did the more it sat on my kitchen counter!

These little salad plates each have a different herb on them, and the names of herbs all around the edge. Maybe a tablescape with fresh potted herbs next spring?

$.49 each

Nice gold bubble glasses for $.49 each.

Look at the lovely material I found, too. Brand new, there is enough for a table runner or 2 pillows for the living room. Hmmm.

Thanks for looking at what I dragged home.
I am joining


Marigene said...

Sounds like you had good luck at Goodwill! You found some great treasures...that tureen is really pretty. I love the salad plates, anything green my eyeballs hit immediately...I am on the hunt for green bubble stems.
Have a great weekend, Pat.

Barbara F. said...

Pat, you found some really nice things! I love the bubble glasses and herb plates and that fabric. The prices are wonderful, no actually terrific! xo

Babs said...

You had good luck thrifting. I really like the bubble glasses and the fabric. It'll be cute either way you use it. Have a great weekend,

Sarah said...

That material is great!

Have a great weekend,

Babs said...

Pat, Your Lucky does look like our kitty, Baker. Baker is 10+ years old and was a feral, but we've had her so long she's rather tame now. We have 8 other ferals that we feed. Thanks for stopping by.

Diane said...

Excellent finds this week at the thrift store. You have a eye for good deals, love the gold glasses. Diane

Diann said...

Oh yu found WONDERFUL Finds at GREAT prices. Once again, I would have bought each of these as well! Thank you for being part of TTF and have a fun day!

Shannon@Cozy Home Scenes said...

You found good things on your shopping trip. The glasses are really nice and I think the tureen is lovely. The basket of fruit on the top has nice colors. I had those herb plates at one time but must have gotten rid of them. Seeing yours makes me wish I still had them.---------- Shannon

~Tablescapes By Diane~ said...

Hi lovely lady.
The glasses are Beautiful sweet lady.
I need to go shopping with you!!!OK.
I would like to thank you for your sweet comment on my Tablescape last week. I just post my new tablescape today [ dinner for two] I hope you can come see.
XXOO Diane

Pam said...

Pat, you have to buy a tureen whenever you see one. Seriously though, that will look great on a fall table. The glasses are pretty nice too.

podso said...

I forgot to mention in my post that Williams is where you get the train to go to the Grand Canyon! You found some great bargains and lovely things at your thrift shop. It does pay to stop by those places often as new things come in all the time. It's always great to catch it just as they are restocking the shelves....if you can!