Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Headboard to Blackboard

I wanted a big chalkboard for my kitchen, and wanted something different. Being a teacher, why want a blackboard at home? Because if you have been in most classrooms these days, you couldn't find ANY kind of chalkboard if you tried. Technology has replaced them with first green chalkboards then "white boards" and then "Smart Boards".
I just wanted a plain ol' black dumb board! Keeping an eye out at garage sales and Goodwill, I found a nice, twin headboard for 5 dollars. Here's the after:

Here's the before:

With a little sanding, white paint, and blackboard paint, I was on my way. Legs were cut off and knobs were added.

A litttle votive holder with handle doubles as a chalk holder.

I'm NOT ready!

I am joining




Barbara F. said...

I love this, and I can't believe you go back to school in August?! I just noticed your green transferware on the side. I love it! xo,

Miss Char said...

This is fantastic, actually the most unusual chalkboard I've seen in blogland. What a great way to get the size message board you needed. Love this!

carol ann said...

It turned out great! Love it!

Marigene said...

August is right around the corner, Pat! Love your new chalkboard, very nice.

Pat said...

Yes!!!! We go back in August! Isn't that awful? And it gets earlier each year. We get out around Memorial Day in May, unless we have snow days to make up, but I would rather be off longer in August.


Babs said...

Great idea and I love it. What a cute and fun thing for your kitchen. What? No chalk boards in school any more? I never knew. What a shame. Anyway, yours is adorable and I like your chalk holder.

Barbara Bussey {The Treasured Home} said...

Perfectly brilliant!

Deanna said...

This is a darling idea!