Friday, July 8, 2011

Garage Sales!

Ok here it is.............My best find this week! I can't believe it! A PERFECT new chair for $20!

I mean not a scratch on it-new!

Pardon the garage walls, but I haven't hauled it upstairs yet.

Vegetable bowl, part of the Liberty series, 2 dollars, blue crock bowl with handle $2, and 2 wicker bottles. Table topper on left new in package 1 dollar.

ORB lantern $4 and lace runner $2.

Well, I went over my $20 self imposed limit this week, but that's ok. It has kinda been my goal to see how much fun I can have on $20. However, I do feel guilty that I buy this stuff, and have not hardly posted on USING any of it yet, which is the whole purpose, right? It is not the purpose to start a junk shop!! Have a good weekend!

I am joining my favorite new party that enables and encourages behavior such as mine. SHAME!


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marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Love that chair. It is wonderful and all of your other finds are fabulous also. Good job. Hugs, Marty

Barbara F. said...

That chair is a great find, Pat. Excellent condition. I love all the other items too, you had a fun shopping day. xo,

Marigene said...

What a great price on that beautiful chair. Lucky find on the Liberty Blue vegetable bowl.

afternoon tea said...

Wow. What a great buy! I'm glad you don't feel guilty, it would be a shame to have to buy the chair and miss the other good finds.

A Few Pennies said...

What great finds! That chair is awesome. I, too, will thrift with a small amount intended (but I secretly keep a little more stashed just in case--you never, never know!) Have a great weekend.

SixBalloons said...

Oooh I found a similar chair, only with blue velvet and button tufted in the back. Yours is a great deal and such wonderful condition!

If you're interested check out mine at:

Cathy said...

Great price on the beautiful chair! Looks like a great thrifting day.

Diann said...

Well yougot some wonderful thrif treaures! But, OMG! that chair is stunning and in such amazing shape and for $20.00! Great find!! Thank you for joining TTF and have a fantastic ady!

Pam said...

What an amazing find on that chair. And you don't even have to do anything to it. I wasn't aware that I wasn't supposed to start a junk shop though? LOL

mississippi artist said...

Great finds! Love the chair and the plate.We hardly ever have garage sales in our town.