Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Porch Tablescape

A new tablecloth made from a drop cloth and a new topper made by Mom leads to a tablescape with garage sale finds! So I am joining Marty at

This is the corner of my screened porch. As you can see in the distance, I have a picnic table if we want to host more guests, and room on the porch for a card table also.

The grape leaf plates were a garage sale find.

 I think I will wash the denim napkins without hemming, so they have that summer cut-offs look.

Just a small simple centerpiece since the table is small. A maidenhair fern sits nicely on a little blue and white garage sale plate.

Green goblets were also a garage sale find.

See the rest of the porch as I join Kim for

Drop Cloth Tablecloth


I am linking up today for the Drop Cloth Party!

I have never even used a drop cloth for painting, because we have always had so many old sheets around here, there was no need to go out and buy one.

But, Lowe's  is right down the street a few blocks, so I went and bought one. It was 6 x 9 feet, so I had to spread it out on the living room floor in order to cut it.

This was to be for a round table, so I did the string and pencil thing and drew a circle on the drop cloth, hemmed and ironed and done.

This drop cloth material really matches my porch theme, of the lime paisley and dark denim.

To see all the porch, I will be back later today to link to

for her Porch Party .

Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday..Thelma and Louise Style...

Well, sorta, we didn't drive off any cliff , but we did look for Brad Pitt.

 Someone pulled up in my driveway this morning.....

Becky, is that you?

"Yes, it's me, Boyfriend bought a new car, and I have it for the day! Come on!"

So I jumped in and we went cruisin'. We had to stop at Sonic Drive In of course.

We also found a good moving sale, and she got some dishes and a book. I didn't see anything I wanted. Becky is the one that I blame for being a dishaholic.

What a fun way to start a Monday!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tis the Season for Yard Sales

I think I just get nutty this time of year about garage sales. I am out of bed early, drinking coffee and making notes of addresses. Here are some finds over the last 2 weeks. I am changing out my hutch decor, so I just put all the garage sale finds in it for pics.

Actually, my most expensive find came from the GW store. I have wanted a silver wine bucket for a long time. It was $10.00, more than I wanted to spend, but still cheaper than new. Hobnail vase and platter, 3 and 1 dollar.

I adore these grape leaf salad plates, 4 for $5. This little teapot was $2. Do you put coffee filters between your plates to prevent scratching? Some people use paper plates, but coffee filters are less expensive.

This large green glass bowl was $3, and the handled plate behind it was $1. That is a full sized plate, so you can see how big that bowl is.

There are actually 5 of these green goblets.. today's price..... $2

I put a cup next to this large platter so you can see the size. Again, this came from GW and was $3.99, but it is Mikasa. I can see it lined with crispy lettuce leaves, rows of cold shrimp, and the cocktail sauce in the little divider. Yum!

I just couldn't resist getting another picnic basket at $3, and the footed bowl in the background was the same price. The two trays were taped together at the GW and they were $5.99. Perfect condition. It seems my GW purchases were more expensive than any garage sale stuff. Is it that way in your area, too?

This is my first time joining

There are lots of other great treasures there, so stop by!