Monday, June 20, 2011

Monday..Thelma and Louise Style...

Well, sorta, we didn't drive off any cliff , but we did look for Brad Pitt.

 Someone pulled up in my driveway this morning.....

Becky, is that you?

"Yes, it's me, Boyfriend bought a new car, and I have it for the day! Come on!"

So I jumped in and we went cruisin'. We had to stop at Sonic Drive In of course.

We also found a good moving sale, and she got some dishes and a book. I didn't see anything I wanted. Becky is the one that I blame for being a dishaholic.

What a fun way to start a Monday!

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Frog Hollow Farm Girl said...

Hi from Frog Hollow Farm and thanks for stopping by my post about using an old dresser as an entertainment bar - I'm glad you liked it and yes, you could certainly use it as a bar inside of the house, and it would even be more versatile inside. Loved your getaway in that very cool car - sounds like a wonderful day! Ciao, bella xxoo