Saturday, February 4, 2012

Things I Prefer Not to Live Without

 Susan, at Between Naps on the Porch is hosting an impromptu party on  your list of can't live withouts! My list is short, but useful.

Mane N Tail Hoofmaker : A hand cream that strengthens your (unpolished) nails. Origionally used to keep horse hooves from cracking, the people applying it to horse hooves noticed their own fingernails became stronger. Now packaged for people.  Helps cracked fingers and heels too. I use it all winter, as that's when my nails tend to flake and split. 

My Walgreens used to carry it, but not now. I get it at the feed store, and is available at some hardware stores. I bet "feed store" sounds funny to some really urban areas! (off topic) Some of my best childhood memories were going to the feed store. All that grain smells so sweet when you walk in, and in the spring, there were always lots of baby chicks in the feed store. There were usually several cats to pet,  lounging around on the grain sacks, supposedly watching for mice.

Pizza wheel cutter:

I use it especially in cutting bar cookies, brownies, and  sheet cake. No lumpy crumbs coming to the top to make the frosting look ucky,  nice clean lines.

Key Clip:

I hate digging in my purse for keys, and so I use a key clip, like on a dog leash. I use plastic, because metal just adds to the weight.


I use all Bare Minerals products, but even if I didn't I would use Prime Time. Applied before your makeup, it keeps your skin from getting oily and your makeup from running during the day. In humid Kansas in the summer, I need it. I still have oily skin, and it really works. 

Things on my refrigerator:

My dogs are all mircrochipped, and I recommend it! This is the magnetic tag I keep on the refrigerator, just in case. 

A magnetic map of my state. When the TV starts saying what counties a tornado has been spotted in, I want to know quickly how close it is.  I got this at the hardware store. I am sure it would be useful for all kinds of weather alerts. 

Cold Prevention:
I keep these lozenges at school with me for when I feel a cold coming on. I do believe it shortens and calms a cold. I start sucking on these ( about 4 per day) at the first signs of a cold. I think they work as well or better than Airborne, and much less money. 

Coffee Filters:
I am a dish a holic, and I use coffee filters to keep each plate from scratching the other in a big stack. Cheap and easy. 

And lastly, my little luxury. I don't drink but 2 cups of coffee per day, but I only want this. I am not a Starbuck's person, and am content with this vanilla caramel flavored creamer. My family teases me that I have a little coffee with my creamer. Your point?

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Maggie said...

What a good idea that state map is to have around. While we don't have tornadoes, we do have wild fires and slides, so having a map handy is a good thing. Love the other ideas too.

Marilyn said...

Kansas looks like it has a lot of counties. And I know what a feed store is!♥♫

Barbara F. said...

I am going to look for the Mane & Hoof - I think I've seen Mane & Tail someplace. I believe there is a "feed" store on Staten Island, I think it is called Crazy Goat(?). I also like the weather map. Going to check that out too. Enjoy your weekend. xo

Barbara F. said...

Pat, don't mind me, I need more coffee. It is called Mane & Tail, NOT Mane & Hoof! I think my head is in a feed sack today. :/ xo

Charla Welch said...

Wow. I got 2 things to try from this - the mane & tail stuff and the coffee filters, which will be great if I ever move myself again.

I've lived in TX for 3 years now and we just now got rid of our KS Counties magnet.

(P.S. I'm one of Laura's friends!)

Marigene said...

I also use coffee filters between my dishes! I used to put paper towels between them, but that is expensive.
Have a great weekend, Pat!

Mrs.Flescher said...

Great idea for coffee filters! I too use key clips (or carabiner) and mane and tale products.) I also enjoy going to the feed store, even if I don't need to buy anything. I love the leather in the tack corner and the sweet grain and kitties too! We must be related in some alternate bloggy universe. He he he.

Connie said...

I thought I was the only one with a love of feed stores! They are most wonderful in the spring when baby chicks and ducks have arrived. Flowers packs are blooming and ready for gardeners. There are always other gardeners there who will share their successes with you. And yes, the resident house cats who really won the place.

Jenny said...

I am a huge fan of zinc for cold prevention. I like taking the supplements for than the lozenges though. I just take one a day with my other vitamins where sucking on the lozenges off & on all day makes my food taste like zinc.

Scribbler said...

I have used coffee filters before -- I guess I need to get some more. When we moved, I think I pitched them all.

The hand creme sounds like a good idea. I'll try to find it.


poindextr said...

hi Pat, such a clever idea to layer coffee filters in between your dishes! I love dishes too and am always hoping I'll run into a treasure trove of beauties for a steal somewhere. Hasn't happened yet. btw, my late father was a Jayhawk. Both my parents grew up in Olathe. thank you for dropping by and leaving a nice comment about the seashells. I appreciate it :) so nice to meet you ~diane

Gmama Jane said...

Gmama jane