Sunday, September 5, 2010

Some Antiquing and Flea Market Time

Country Living Magazine said, "Tiny Sparks, Kansas — population 9! — hosts crowds of up to 75,000 twice each summer, with 450 dealers displaying a range of antiques and collectibles at great prices. "

Coming to Sparks on  Labor Day weekend has become a fun tradition in the last few years. Saturday was a beautiful day, high in the 80's and sunny. Several of us went to the Sparks Antique and Flea Market and then up the highway to the White Cloud Flea Market. These little towns are northwest of St. Joseph, Missouri, in Kansas.

As it got crowded, many began standing on tip toes to see.

This little bottle fed goat was a pet of one of the vendors. He got lots of attention!

Then I started getting hungry......

As we got back on the highway, the trail of parked cars had grown.

That's a soybean field behind the cars, and running along those hills in the background is the Missouri River.

 White Cloud sits on the banks of the Missouri River. Long before the white men came to the area, the land belonged to the Ioway tribe, whose chief was White Cloud. Entry to the river is right at the base of Main Street. White Cloud's flea market was all on the main drag.     

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Anonymous said...

Pat, what a treat to read this post. I grew up in the St. Joseph area but now live in So. Calif. I love visiting all the antique/collectible stores in the small towns when we go back to visit. Have you been to Weston and northeast to Jamesport? Love going to both of those places too. I don't have a blog, but I found your's through your post on the Christmas and Holiday forum on Gardenweb. I'm known as Luvstocraft aka Kay. You have a lovely blog and I'll come back to visit again soon.