Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tis the Season for Yard Sales

I think I just get nutty this time of year about garage sales. I am out of bed early, drinking coffee and making notes of addresses. Here are some finds over the last 2 weeks. I am changing out my hutch decor, so I just put all the garage sale finds in it for pics.

Actually, my most expensive find came from the GW store. I have wanted a silver wine bucket for a long time. It was $10.00, more than I wanted to spend, but still cheaper than new. Hobnail vase and platter, 3 and 1 dollar.

I adore these grape leaf salad plates, 4 for $5. This little teapot was $2. Do you put coffee filters between your plates to prevent scratching? Some people use paper plates, but coffee filters are less expensive.

This large green glass bowl was $3, and the handled plate behind it was $1. That is a full sized plate, so you can see how big that bowl is.

There are actually 5 of these green goblets.. today's price..... $2

I put a cup next to this large platter so you can see the size. Again, this came from GW and was $3.99, but it is Mikasa. I can see it lined with crispy lettuce leaves, rows of cold shrimp, and the cocktail sauce in the little divider. Yum!

I just couldn't resist getting another picnic basket at $3, and the footed bowl in the background was the same price. The two trays were taped together at the GW and they were $5.99. Perfect condition. It seems my GW purchases were more expensive than any garage sale stuff. Is it that way in your area, too?

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

I See Sunflowers!

Just as spring is the anticipation of summer, seed packets are the anticipation of beautiful blooms.

The sunflower is Kansas' state flower, but was originally native to Central America  by at least 2600 BC.  The earliest known examples of a fully domesticated sunflower north of Mexico have been found in Tennessee and date to around 2300 BC. Different varieties of sunflowers grow along the roadsides and highways here in Kansas.

In the ditch, just down the road from me.

SO,  I brought some packets of bloom home! Then, a sunflower table was in order.

I started with these woven chargers, and added Bordallo Pinheiro plates.

Next, I added sunflower napkins my mother hand hemmed for me.

I am crazy about these sunflower salad bowls!

I really like the detail on this vase.

Woven chargers-World Market
Bordallo Pinheiro plates- garage sale
Sunflower plates- dollar store
Napkins- hand made by Mom
Tablecloth- Ralph Lauren
Green goblets- Target
Vase- garage sale, says Kirkland's on bottom
Green birdies- Michael's

Here's to growing sunflowers!

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Gardening Buddies

When I walk through the yard to look at things, this is who is always there, and this is the end I generally see!

This is Oscar, the 11 year old wienie dog in the Bishop's Weed. He is always looking for chipmunks, finding lots, catching none. The Bishop's Weed is on the north side of the house, so it self-contains.

And here is Roxy, also looking for chipmunks in the hosta bed.

Here are the sisters, Roxy and Tilly together on the hunt.

The hosta bed is looking good, we have had plenty of rain.
The lilies are blooming nicely.

Lots of buds today on these pink Asiatics.

The first of the daylilies are out, an old, old one called Siloam Double Classic and below is a  NO ID one in purple.

These purple perennials are doing great, this is their third year. Are you familiar with the little perennial saying?

First year-sleeps
Second year-creeps
Third year-leaps

It really is true. Does anyone know the name of these? Someone gave them to me and I don't know. Here is a close-up. The flowers are about the size of a ping pong ball. 

Thanks for looking, summer is exciting with lots more flowers to bloom. 

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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Strawberry dishes for strawberry shortcake

As long as I can remember, I have strawberry memories. When I was a little girl, we would go out to a little town in the river bottoms (the BEST farming land) and pick strawberries. Then we would have strawberry shortcake two to three times a day for dessert as long as the strawberries lasted.

As a young, stay at home mother, I planted a large strawberry bed in the back yard. At one point, we were picking 20 flats of strawberries a season. I remember the summer my daughter turned 2, she would run out to the patch in her diaper and pick strawberries to eat. The trouble was, she picked the green ones and then tell me she didn't like strawberries!

So when I learned of a new place to get strawberries about 20 minutes away, we hit the highway.

One acre of strawberries on raised beds. Wonderful!

You could smell the berries on this humid muddy day.

  I found these beautiful strawberry bowls at TJ Maxx, and I had to have them.

There is a cute little honeybee on each piece.

And I found these napkin rings on Etsy. They are Avon.

Now, what you put in these bowls is as varied as the number of strawberry varieties. Ask anyone what strawberry shortcake is to them, and they have a definite opinion. Some like pound cake slices, some like the little sponge cakes from the grocery store, still others like the sweet biscuit type cake made at home.

My mother made a pan of shortcake from the Jiffy Mix box, so that's what I make.

Some people insist on Cool Whip, some real whip cream, and others, like myself, use  cream on strawberry shortcake. It's all in what you grew up eating! SO, what's your strawberry shortcake like?

Here's a fun site that tells of the history of many foods. Check out the article on strawberry shortcake.

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