Monday, November 21, 2011

My Thanksgiving Table

Are you behind already for Thanksgiving, like me? I just went to the store Monday nite, and gotta get the turkey thawin'.

 I had hoped to have an idea for my Thanksgiving tablescape by now, and have a beautiful blog about it. Time is running out, I am tired and this is my last chance for this year,  so I decided to show you what I did for Thanksgiving another year. It's just something I pulled together at the last minute. I had a hard time getting those chairs all lined up. I know you can't see everything in the photo, but you get the idea. That was a busy year, too.

A table is ready for a state banquet at Buckingham Palace.

Last year I  had the clan outside for Thanksgiving, and I won't do that again. I am almost ashamed to show you these photos!

I don't even know some of those people in the photo.I am glad we had it outside, though, because someone always brings a guest who thinks it's ok to smoke in the house. That smoke smelled funny, too.  Every family has a few who don't dress appropriately for the occasion, don't you? Please say it is not just my family.  And those feathers in the hair! I guess my family teens were just a little ahead of the fashion last year. And the dog ended up sick, cause the kids kept feeding him. That's Uncle John on the right in his tin foil hat. It keeps the aliens from reading his thoughts.

What I really look forward to  after Thanksgiving dinner is sitting around playing cards and having a couple of cocktails. And I mean we play until we are dog tired!
A Friend in Need

Ok, I may have been able to make a real tablescape to show you in the time I spent on this blog. But I am tired, and now I feel better. I'll take photos for next year!

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Turkey Hutch

Remember this little fussy rooster that was worried about where the turkeys were? Well, he's feeling better now. The turkeys have arrived.

Who chose the colors for this one??? He might get painted or antiqued!

Some amber glass candle holder turkeys.

Most of these turkeys look mean! Not something cute to collect.....

I like this one on the pedestal. A normal looking one. 

A goofy looking one hiding in the leaves. 

Have a Happy Turkey Day!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Where's the Turkey?

This old rooster is getting a little nervous. Where are the turkeys? Shouldn't they be here by now? Are we serving turkey this year? What if we're not??

The turkeys ought to be here in the next day or two, but I think I'll let him worry a little more. 

The cast:
Rooster unknown lineage, garage sale
Chargers, World Market
Green Plates, Bordallo Pinheiro
Acorn Plates, Chris Madden
Brown Goblets, antique store
Pumpkin, Hobby Lobby 
Tablecloth, fabric by Raymond Waite, from Hobby Lobby

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Winter.... Again??

Oh my.... winter is coming and I just don't think I want to go through it again. Awfully early to be making that tired old statement isn't it?  I was just going through my file of yard photos looking for something different for my screen saver. I picked the photo below.

It is not that I don't think snow is pretty.......

or that I don't enjoy some snow....

but if given a choice......

of sunshine, and green grass, and bright colors....

it isn't hard to make a choice. The older I get, the more weather affects my moods, and the more I want outdoor sunshine for warmth, and nature's decor. 

But I must get busy.

The screened porch is not 4 season, not heated. I put the storm windows down, covered the furniture in sheets to keep the dust and such out,  and brought in the plants.

 It is sad to see, but saves me work in the spring. I usually wait for the first frost to close the porch. The last thing I do is bring a couple of armfuls of wood from the shed to the porch for the occasional fire in the fireplace in the livingoom. Since the porch is off the dining room and kitchen and can be viewed from the front door, I really notice the change. Why close up the porch? Mainly because dust and dirt, etc. still get in because I leave the porch door open about 6 inches to the outside as it makes it easier to let the dogs out a zillion times a day. 

Then there are the critters than wander in looking for bird seed or a cozy place. Many times as I let the dogs out for the first time in the morning, they chase out a cat, or chipmunk or once a opposum. I don't want to run Club Med for strangers!

So what to do about the winter blues? Make the best of it by celebrating fall and winter with  buying more decor and dishes! 

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Monday, October 31, 2011

Quail Under Glass

This little quail found himself under this glass thingie that I picked up a goodwill. Not sure it is a cloche, because it has a hole in the top. But it has a cute little handle (?) and it fit a odd little pedestal I had. I just painted it ORB to go with the top half. This is last year's bittersweet, as I could not find any this year. It has been so dry here all summer and still now.

I am having the WORST time lately taking photos due to lighting. Too much or not enough.

And HOW do you all take photos through glass?

Here's where he finally ended up. He's happy, so I'm happy!

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